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내 취향도 아니건만,
되살려진 한조각 기억 때문에 찾아 읽었다.

그 사람이 이 책을 읽었다면... 읽는다면.....

그 한구절에서 멈춰지고,
잠시 떠오른 옛 기억이 그 시절이라면 좋겠다.

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이성과 감성
제인 오스틴 지음 / 움직이는책
나의 점수 : ★★★★

센스 앤 센서빌리티
엠마 톰슨,휴 그랜트,케이트 윈슬렛 / 이 안
나의 점수 : ★★★

[2011/01/19 19:25]

..... ..... ..... ..... .....

"Strange that it would!" cried Marianne. "What have wealth or grandeur to do with happiness?"
"Grandeur has but little," said Elinor, "but wealth has much to do with it."
"Elinor, for shame!" said Marianne, "money can only give happiness where there is nothing else to give it. Beyond a competence, it can afford no real satisfaction, as far as mere self is concerned."
"Perhaps," said Elinor, smiling, "we may come to the same point. Your competence and my wealth are very much alike, I dare say; and without them, as the world goes now, we shall both agree that every kind of external comfort must be wanting. Your ideas are only more noble than mine. Come, what is your competence?"
"About eighteen hundred or two thousand a year; not more than that."
Elinor laughed. "Two thousand a year! One is my wealth! I guessed how it would end."

..... ..... ..... ..... .....

"좀 살살하지. 아직 어린데 그 녀석 당황했겠어."

"그래서 살살한거야. 그런 건 내가 말해주지 않아도, 어차피 시간이 가르쳐줄 테니까."

[2013/05/17 05:09]



센스 앤 센서빌리티
Sense & Sensibility, 2008

개요 : 영국 / 180분
감독 : 존 알렉산더존 알렉산더
출연 : 헤이티 모라핸, 채러티 웨이크필드

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